What is bioresonance

What is Bioresonance?

Bioresonance is based on the principle that all organs in the human body emits a different electromagnetic vibration and by capturing these vibrations and the deviations (if any) we can indicate possible diseases, risk of progression of disease, detect helminths, bacteria, allergens, viruses that are present in the organism and many other informations.

Your body is a unique energy system that, when balanced and flowing correctly, result in superior health and well-being. Many factors can affect the perfect flow of energy, including stress, pollution, allergies, hormonal imbalance, food intolerances, ingestion of toxic substances, and the effects of other electromagnetic fields around us.

Every cell and organ in the human body is resonanting at its own distinct frequency or oscillation. These frequencies can be measured and compared with the frequencies of healthy tissue, which have been stored in a databank that has compiled standards based on age and gender. In this way, trained health care personnel can measure the energy flow in your body, compare it with the norm, and determine if any blockages are present. Blockages in energy flow can have a significant impact on your health and your ability to enjoy life.

With bioresonance device we can now detect the change from norm of any organ and then make therapeutic changes to correct those pathological deviation and return the body back to its normal functions.

Our bioresonance device is the latest advancement in quantum biophysics.


Main Functionalities of SENSITIV IMAGO

Sensitiv Imago bioresonance device is a unique diagnostic, analyzing and healing technology that enables you to execute full analysis of human organism with a revolutionary 96% precision without interfering into human body and to create an effective course of non-chemical holistic healing.

     - Detection of possible diseases in the organism, period of their development and possible reasons of their aggravation

     - Detection of diseases at their stage of birth

     - Identifies maximum effective course of recovery on an individual basis

     - Non-invasive biochemical homeostasis blood analysis

     - Non-invasive microfloral homeostasis analysis detecting presence of viruses, bacteria and invaders

     - Formation of dieting recommendations inclusive of blood group

     - Identification of personal predisposition and risks

     - Detection of possible allergens and their reasons

     - Identifies predisposition for diseases

     - Multivariable analysis of homeostasis in systems and organs

     - Evaluation of the biological activity of microflora

     - Monitors and identifies changes in the organs: functional and organic

     - Determines the acid-alkali balance in the tissues

     - Allows to identify the effect of mineral stones on organism and choose one to have a positive effect on an individual organism

     - Allows to identify the effect of contaminants and psycho-factors on a particular organism

     - Allows to correct selection and dose of supplements or drugs by testing the medication in the bioresonance chamber of the device

     - Contains the broadband filters of spectronosodes by more than 30 top companies-producers of dietary supplements

     - Contains the spectrograms of all types of toxins: food, medicinal, production and endogenous

     - Selects individual medicinal agent from 1760 possible variations

     - Has informational, structuring and drainage spectronosodes

     - The number of the spectrograms contained is 10200 variations


Additional functions

     - Card index included that enables you to work with data about patient's disease and analyzes

     - You can record the card index on a disk, sorting patients by alphabet

     - The equipment does automatic data archiving every day/every week

     - The Imago card index allow different channels for different operators with a personal entrance code

     - You can set access limitation to Imago databases

     - Sensitiv Imago includes spectrograms of more than 30 dietary supplements producing companies

     - Identifies dosage of inner vegetative test and pharmaceutical form of the packed medications

     - Includes spectrograms of sound organs for final structuring stage of a healing

     - The operator has freedom to choose a way of organizing data: by systems, by frequencies, by parts of body (head, neck, chest, belly, pelvis, limbs)

     - There is a function provided for listening to slow music with regulated volume during the history taking

     - There is an inbuilt microphone provided for speaking with a patient without him taking off the head phones

     - User can choose the speed of diagnosis and it's level of deepness before starting a client examination session

     - The Sensitiv Imago software provides professional multilevel protection from possible illegal use and forgery

     - Sensitiv Imago comes complete with all the necessary documents: certificates, warranty, user's manual


Brief summary of Sensitiv Imago's main features

     1. The full scan and diagnosis of patient within 1 hour

     2. Identification of all possible diseases, causes of diseases, history of diseases and pathogens

     3. Identification of possible allergens

     4. Prognosis of disease development for the period of 1 to 5 years ahead

      5. Individual courses of recovery, including the frequency compensation (the method that helps recreate the self-compensatory reactions of organs and systems)

     6.Vegetotest. On-spot selection of most effective additives and drugs for a patient (you can test any drug using a special bioresonance chamber to determine the potential effect of this particular drug or additive on the patient's organism)