Bioresonance Imaging Scan

Future of health care belongs to quantum and energy medicine. A sophisticated computer diagnostics and therapy system, the bioresonance device is the most complete medical technology which relies on spectrographic analyses of living organisms vortex magnetic fields. Every healthy organism resonates at a specific frequency or oscillations, which become deficient when the organism is exposed to toxins, prolong exposure to other magnetic fields or even emotional change. Our advance bioresonance device measures these oscillations in our patients, indicates the deviation from norm and the possible disease and by quantum theory predicts the risk of development thereafter.

The technology has the ability to diagnose diseases in its early stages as well as for the numerous information it collects about organs and other body parts which include the presence of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, parasites). All these without the need for a drop of blood from the patient.
Bioresonance scanning also allows for the monitoring of inflammatory, degenerative, and other disorders of the body. During scan color markers will appear on a virtual model of the organ being check with any potential diseased part correctly localized.

Predict possible diseases before it manifest