What is Bioresonance?

Short for Biological Resonance, Bioresonance is an advance method of utilizing frequencies to detect irregularities in the human body and correcting it.

It is a painless and quick way to diagnose and identify the possible cause of a disease and an effective therapy tool to re-adjust the body back to its normal function.

We are proud to introduce our device, Sensitiv Imago model 530 which has the highest accuracy in the market.
It has been approved in the EU as a Medical Device Class 2A and approved in the USA by the US FDA,
meaning it not invasive and safe for use by doctors and practitioners.

Unique possibilities of this methodology

     The methodology identifies cause-and-effect relationships between different processes in the organism.That enables you to identify the root cause of the problem and see the ways to solve this problem.This helps holistic doctor or a     therapist to produce better and faster results, with less side effects for the patient.

     The methodology is capable, even in complicate cases, of identifying the weakest systems and organs and offer possibilities for help.

      The methodology is capable of pointing the attention of a holistic doctor's or a therapist to possible diagnoses (this function differs in use for holistic doctors or alternative practitioners).

      The methodology allows the evaluation of pathological stages according to the principles of Homotoxicology by showing the direction the pathological process and whether the process is in the initial development (in adaptation), or it is in a deeper process (in decompensation). Naturally, it is possible to show the stage of the process. This feature is indispensable for professionals of holistic medicin, physicians, naturopaths, homeopaths, etc., as it gives an accurate vision of the process and possible ways to effectively help systems and organs.  

     The methodology provides a variety of additional functions that can be used in combination with a specialized knowledge in various fields of holistic medicine or Chinese medicine (acid-alkaline status, the state of yin-yang, microbiological activity and others).

     One of the main methodologies is based on the large database of microorganisms which not only allows to quickly detect the presence of various viruses, bacteria, fungi, helminths, etc., but also to identify their type and the level of activity.

     There is a method of working with allergens, making it possible to quickly and efficiently identify the sensitivity to allergens, both active and latent.
Similar to the method with allergens, but aimed at the identification of contaminants, is another method, making it possible for holistic doctor or a physician to find elements contaminants contaminating patient’s organism and their possible solutions.

     The method of identification of micro-elements in the body - vital, para-vital and toxic. This technique was recently introduced in the system, but has already established itself as a highly effective way to help both physicians and alternative therapists.
One of the most popular for the holistic medicine is a method of individual selection of food, divided into two types - food causing the load of specific organs and systems (harmful food), the other group is food that can help the sick organs and system (beneficial or even healing).

     There is a method that provides identification of psychosocial stress factors that may produce body's psychosomatic conditions.

     There is an method to identify the organism’s sensitivity to the external energy loads.

Moreover, beside the diagnostic capabilities, Sensitiv Imago provides of a number of complementary functions, aimed at:      

     Conducting vegeto-tests (for testing of medications, supplements, herbs etc.)
Frequency compensations
Recommendations for preparation of spectronosodes (frequencial medications)
Additional techniques for natural healing and cessation of addictions through the use of impendanse-based practices

All these techniques are very diverse and complementary. This makes it possible to combine them together for achieving the best possible results in the work of holistic doctors, as well as alternative practitioners and naturopaths.

The most effective use of our equipment is observed in the following areas of holistic medicine:

     Holistic doctors providing general practice and specializations
     Experts in detoxification and in removal of contaminants
     Removal of parasites and other microorganisms without the use of chemicals
     Experts in smoking cessation (anti-smoking programs), as well as experts oin the withdrawal of other types of addictions
     Experts in holistic health and anti-aging
     Experts in psychosomatic correction
     Experts in the field of quantum medicine
     As well as a number of other specialties in holistic medicine


 Every living organism has a magnetic field. A constant instantaneous exchange of information by means of electromagnetic waves is taking place In the cells and between them.

 Electromagnetic waves are the nature's most important phenomena. They control metabolism, growth, hormones, pain, i.e. all the physical manifestations of life.


Bioresonance diagnostics is a new information processing technology based on the latest achievements of physics and biology.
It helps reveal the disease's aetiology and make a correct diagnosis in a single session.